About Us

  • Everyone Calls Mr. James Handyman Services (ECMJ) is a reputable local handyman company that proudly serves Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, and surrounding areas in Central Virginia. With a reputation for reliability and expertise, we specialize in home improvement needs, ranging from simple repairs to minor renovations. Our top-notch SERVICE EXPERIENCE has earned the trust of the community, making US the go-to service provider for all things handyman-related.
  • We are a small but growing company, staffed with friendly, professional, and experienced contractors.
  • We offer a minimal home inspection package that focuses on the essential aspects of your property, ensuring key elements are functioning smoothly.
  • We also offer an annual home inspection package. With this package, you’ll receive a streamlined assessment of your home’s crucial systems, helping you identify any potential issues.
  • At ECMJ, we believe in QUALITY SERVICE and giving OUR CLIENTS the BEST SOLUTIONS that will give them VALUE for their money.

Ask about our minimal home inspection with a free AC filter replacement today, and experience the convenience and quality service we’re known for.